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Mission Fulfillment Reports


Highline College defines the minimum threshold for mission fulfillment as achievement of 70% of our benchmarks across all core theme objectives.  The annual Mission Fullment Report presents a comprehensive evaluation of institutional performance.  The report then articulates the achievement level (relative to benchmarks) on each indicator of every objective in the four core themes.  At this deeper level of analysis, the details are an important and rich source of information for strategic planning, campus discussion, and goal-setting.

The Mission Fulfillment Report (MFR) is posted annually for review by the college community.  Over the course of the year, our Executive Staff - comprised of the president, the four vice presidents, and the executive directors of Instructional Technology Services, and Human Resources - regularly evaluate data from the MFR to ensure that the college is maintaining the course charted by the core them objectives and using planning, assessment, and improvement processes to do so.  In consultation with the trustees, Executive Staff is charged with developing goals and, where deficiencies arise, a data-driven response plan that delegates implementation to appropriate groups and individuals.  In this way, mission fulfillment is an ongoing process, carefully managed, effectively guiding the day-to-day work of the college.



Institutional Effectiveness Reports